The Costume & Design Center, Colonial Williamsburg

I was lost amongst the buttons, fabrics, patterns, busks and magic that emanated from The Costume and Design Center for Colonial Williamsburg. I was most fortunate to receive a private tour of that facility from the lady in charge, Brenda Rosseau. It was a dream come to life!

This facility is the second largest costume house in the country, only outdone by Disney! They dress about 850 a day into 1350 costumes. The attention to detail was evident in every garment. And speaking of every garment, they have 61,042 costume items that they keep track of - WOW!! This sure makes my inventory seem like a cake walk! And just last year, their laundry center inspected and repaired 26,649 items. My hands just ache writing that down!

I want to thank Brenda for such a thorough tour and for sharing your knowledge with me. Thank you so much! 

Soon our home show will happen and I hope to take some of the lessons that I have learned and incorporate that into my 2017 Collection. You will definitely feel the influence as many of this seasons new garments are from that time period; The Colonial Period, The Jacobite Rebellion and the Golden Age of Pirates. They all overlap a bit and will be represented this season. And I will whisper, that yes, I did not ignore some of our best customers, and they can "Go A Viking," too!

Please email us to set up your reservation for the "Dream In the Trees Preview Collection 2017." Our space is limited and we will take approximately 60 people to see the show. I hope to see you there~

Och Aye! Virginia


Virginia Watson