What's new for 2017?

So I know many of you are wondering what Bill and Virginia are working on for 2017... so I took a few minutes to sort of "interview" them to see if "we" might get some info.  Of course I didn't really tell them I was interviewing them for the blog and social media - and after the censors got finished with my post...well you can see for yourself:

J:  Virginia, I have seen you watching a lot of episodes of **REDACTED**, can you tell me what we can expect to see this season?

V:  Well, I have been really inspired by **REDACTED**.  The dress that **REDACTED** is wearing in season 1 episode 3 gave me some great ideas and I always like the opportunity to create a "hers" and "his" combination.  Since **REDACTED** and **REDACTED** are often together on screen I have been looking at how to incorporate **REDACTED** with **REDACTED**.

J:  Bill, I have been watching you in the studio these last couple of weeks.  What I see is a trend towards **REDACTED** and perhaps we can expect to see some variations on **REDACTED**?

B:  I have been wanting to make a **REDACTED** and introduce a new **REDACTED** for a few years.  With the expansion of Potomac and Wolfstone these last few years I have been able to focus more on new designs.  

J:  Do you think you will be able to incorporate some **REDACTED** from the 3 TV shows that Virginia is watching (**REDACTED**, **REDACTED**, and **REDACTED**)?

B:  We shall see!  

So there you have it folks!  Get ready for a great 2017 season!!

...What I can tell you is:

 1.  Look for Pre-Sales to start this season for the new forthcoming Potomac Leather Company Tartan!!!  (Us Wolfstone folks are lovingly calling the new Potomac Tartan "Hunting Wolfstone")...

2. Look for an expansion of the Wolfstone Clan Membership and the introduction of the new Clan for Potomac Leather: "Order of the Stag".  Expect to see 3 membership levels and a few other exciting changes.

**(One more thing...Potomac Leather and Wolfstone Kilt Companies are putting together a Tour to Scotland for a small group for 2018 - stay tuned for details as this season progresses and start saving now!)**

***Enjoy the Shop Cat and Shop Dogs pics!***




Virginia Watson