And where is your leather here???

Yep, that has to be the number one question I get, "Where is your leather on the website?" Some folk have accused me of scooting if off to the side, hmm... some have wondered if it has another web page, not a bad idea... but as tempting as that may be to me, Virginia, who runs Wolfstone Kilt Co., that isn't the case and that is not the reason for it's absence. 

 This off season I will have more time to work on our website and I will put Potomac Leather Co. back into the mix. The new collection of leathers for 2018, along with the new pieces for the TreeWalker Collection, will be right here!

This past season was just amazing. Thank you one and all! 

We are looking forward to having a very creative year, nurtured by the Blue Ridge Mountains.

And see Bill, I did put up a picture of your booth!


Virginia Watson