On the road again!

The 18' trailer is getting some spanky new tires today. We are counting noses to see who is helping out where this season, as the last of the stock is flying underneath many sewing machines! We soon take off into the mists of time! Back to the renaissance, this time landing in a little place off of Lake Ontario, in Sterling, New York. The Sterling Renaissance Festival opens this July 2nd. We are excited to see our New York family and friends. It is the 40th anniversary this year!!

We will say goodbye to the cats, wave at our fish, they just had three babies, and hop in the Denali and ride off into the sunset. This will be a great year, filled with magical adventures. We are sure to come home with stories that will make us smile and laugh! Here is hoping that you will be part of the adventure this season!

And speaking of new adventures, we are going again to Grandfather Mountain Highland Games. I am  giving two talks in the Living History Section on "How To Wear Your Clan's Tartan - demystifying the great kilt," and "Wearing A Jacobite Era Outfit - From Cravat to hoops." I sure hope that they put us next to the whiskey tasting tent again!

Yes, it will be good to be on the road again!



Virginia Watson