The most magical photo shoot!

It was a most magical photo shoot! The day started at 4:24 am for me, as I walked right into the make-up artist, no coffee yet so I am still not navigating at my best! I was on my way to look at the white board. The white board is "command central" on saying where you should be, who needs to be there, at what time, what each model is wearing. The first entry said " 5:00 - 7:00 am, Hair, Make-up, Wardrobe, Bagels."

And with that to get us going, off we went! Sorry that I cannot reveal the details of the designs, or even where we took the photos, right now. I am waiting for our Treehouse Preview Show, on May 21st to release all of our new designs. After that date, I can finally put the new photos up! 

It was so rewarding as the designer, to see my dreams come to life. It started with a fabric show in North Carolina last December, as I am always inspired by beautiful fabric and trims! Then a trip to Williamsburg to look at the museum there again, more books on clothes construction of the 1700s, (thanks to Amazon, you an order the world from your sofa!) then the months of January and February I hid out in our design studio, aka, the Treehouse, and dreamed away. I came out from the Treehouse with many new designs! 

Next there were a flurry of phone calls from our over-worked shop girl, wanting to know from an assortment of companies, when can you ship it? Do you have that exact color? How much? That much!!  As the fabric arrived, the most talented seamstresses transformed it into clothing - from   the cutting table, to running many types of sewing machines, and all the finishing work done by hand. Each stitch, every detail, were relentlessly perfected by a team that knows that each detail, well done, creates a quality piece of clothing that is meant to last. 

Then finally the day arrived and the photographer had two models, impeccable made-up, hair curling, just where it should curl, wearing my designs! Wow, from sketch book to there it was standing in front of me! It was so much more beautiful than I could ever imagine. The models made the clothing come to life. Some of the pictures will take your breath away. I promise! Thank  you also to the Inn at "Little Washington" for letting us film our court clothing in their absolutely beautiful formal garden.

Thank you does not seem to express how much gratitude I feel to all of those involved in making this dream come true. So, to quote Thornton Wilder, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." Thank you all for making me more alive!

Virginia Watson, Designer, Wolfstone Kilt Company

Virginia Watson