The Website is LIVE!

The website is LIVE, We have received our first orders ( ! THANK YOU ! ) , and we are already busy adding more items to the catalog!  When we set out to plan our eventual website launch, we had to have a plan that enabled us to launch on time.  The Potomac Wolfstone team brainstormed and came up with a solid battle plan....and we all know, no plan survives first contact (Murphy's Law of Combat).  However, in our case everything went according to plan.  That is primarily a function of our plan including: 12 hour days on couple of weekends, Virginia providing a base layout design, Virginia providing ... well you get the idea.  Basically, we launched when we said we would and now you can all enjoy access to Potomac Leather Company and Wolfstone Kilt Company 24/7.  Look for weekly updates on social media and a monthly newsletter that will hopefully keep everyone apprised of what is going on at the studio and while we are on the road.  Speaking of social media - please, please (please) - take pictures of our leather and clothing, us, and you in our stuff, and post it to your favorite social media platform.  When you do that, please use the hashtags (#) #PotomacLeatherCo and #WolfstoneKiltCo ... this allows us to see what you are up to and also helps me (Jonny) do part of my job.  We hope to see many of you on the 21st of May (if you would like an invite and have not received one contact us as soon as you can via email) where we will provide a preview of our upcoming 2016 season clothing!  Information is available HERE.  That about covers it for this morning after update.  I look forward to seeing everyone soon!



Virginia Watson