Happy Holidays!

  Another year is about to end as the new one shines brightly before us.  It has been a great year at Potomac Leather and Wolfstone Kilt!  We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful friends, patrons, and customers!  

  There were many adventures this past year. Everything from meeting "Dougall" of Outlander fame, giving a historic lecture with a "strip tease" show (done in the 18th century style of course) to launching our new website and expanding our leather booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival - and the most exciting change, we now have two dogs in the studio!  Well, the dogs came with Jonny, they seem to follow him around wherever he goes and since he goes here full-time now, we have the pleasure of seeing Maggie and Rollins all the time.  That is the biggest change this year, we have a core team of four here to help you at the studio, Bill, Virginia, Jamie and now, Jonny.

I am often asked for behind the scene stories about the shows.  Here is the topper to 2016:

  Between the whims of the weather, our contractor breaking his foot, inspectors not inspecting in a timely fashion, and well you name it, if it could go wrong, it did!  This is all before being able to open the leather booth at the Maryland Renaissance Festival.  The entire last week before the show was set to open, we did not know for certain whether or not we would be allowed to open or if we could get the stock and displays up on time.  This was a true nail biter at points!  There were colorful adjectives and a few noteworthy nouns used while dealing with the various problems.  But in true team work fashion, we managed to keep our sights on the goal and not spin off into the either.  The contractor did not leave the site until 6pm on Friday, the night before opening.  We had about 6 hours to decide where things would be displayed, build the displays, decorate the place so it no longer looked like a construction zone, and then bring in all the stock! It took a supreme effort from our wonderful staff to make this happen.  Jamie got on the phone and began calling for help!  Bill went off to build displays, Virginia decorated and Jonny got the stock in the booth.  It took a lot of magic to pull it off, but - as you all know - we opened on time! Nothing can stop our team when we set our mind to it. 

  As always we all look forward to seeing everyone as the "season" begins and we cannot wait to catch up with everyone.  It is truly our friends, patrons, and customers that make the magic happen for us!

 Happy New Year to you all!

Many Thanks,

Virginia & Jonny the Apprentice

...and Bill, and of course ShopGirl/Jamie...and Liam the shop cat and Maggie and Rollins the shop dogs... I think I covered them all


Virginia Watson